A New Normal

…is what I’ve been avoiding.
A different me, one that maintains focus and gives consistent energy – to work, to family life, to friendship, to finances.
One that retreats inward to rest less often, but with better results when I do.
One that handles each and every form of responsibility in my life, never dodging or complaining.

I haven’t wanted to.
Lazy me just wants to rest.  “I’m not inspired. I’m too busy. Moving is always such a process. I’d simply rather not make the move from this Normal to that one. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll have the energy. Things are good enough for now.”

and tomorrow,
and tomorrow…

Tonight, I feel that gentle buzzing of my mind, like the smooth, quiet idling of a well-engineered car.  Tonight, I understand that this new Normal is not an enemy or a challenge.  It’s not trading one scenario for another.

It’s me, focused.
Me, centered.
Me, mindful in each moment.
Me, present.
Me, the way I want to be.

“If you take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.” Maria Egeworth
“If you take care of the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves.” – Ruth Whateley

These are ideas I’ve turned over many times in my mind.  There is an element of planning to life, and working toward a future you desire, but there is also the art of being in the moment.  Both are vital. Knowing the long-term direction helps inform our short-term efforts, but living in the future steals the rewards of life from each moment.

Long-term goals, short-term focus
As long as I see my goals as far-off (and retirement certainly is far off yet!) I will feel as if I have all the time in the world to kick myself into gear and ‘really’ get started.  Ciao, incentive!  Hasta la vista, mojo!  See ya later, motivator!

As a person, I want to be awake and aware in each moment, maintaining my focus and center, not because I HAVE to in order to reach my goals, but because living that way is in itself it’s own goal, and it’s own reward. Mindfulness is what I want to cultivate.  Mindfulness in all the things I do, and say, and think about. That sense of inner wakefulness is my best guide.  Once I’ve set my long-term intentions with sincerity, I can put myself completely into the present moment and relax into it, knowing that the decisions I make in the moment will lead me in the direction of my goals.

Responsibility and tortoise-like discipline is not a starting point.  It’s not even a goal.  It’s simply the natural side-effect of growing more centered and more focused on the inside. Only, when I’ve gotten the hang of it, I won’t be a focused, centered turtle.  I’ll be a lightning-fast rabbit that can stay in the game!


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