Book Reviewed on WABI-TV5 Bangor!

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Marion Syversen, currently my biggest fan (and my new favorite person), is the president of Norumbega Financial. Her firm has been consistently voted the #1 financial planning firm in the greater Bangor area three years running. She is also the author of “The Real Deal – Making big changes with small change,” which I own, and love. When it comes to money, Marion knows her stuff.

You can imagine, then, how excited I was when she showed up to one of my workshops last month.  I was presenting my personal economics seminar at a Women, Work and Community event where Ms. Syversen was the keynote speaker. She decided to check out my work, and the rest is history. Marion understands the innate connection between mind and money because she witnesses it every day in her practice. She asked for an advanced copy of my book, and I gladly delivered.

Today, Marion reviewed the book on her weekly money segment (which you can watch every Tuesday at 12:15 on WABI-TV5 Finance is Fun!. And tomorrow, she will devote her monthly column in The Maine Edge to the review.

I am deeply honored by Marion’s support. Thank you, Marion!!! You rock my world! I will be returning the favor with a detailed review of The Real Deal in a few days…stay tuned!


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